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Skin and the City

It's a yes to the bright lights and daily bustle, we say! Life in a big city has a lot going for it. However, there's also those crowded commutes, hard water and pollution to contend with. All of that can have a not-so-great effect on your skin (as can those late nights!). But don't panic, with just a few tweaks to your skincare routine, and some insight into how these city stressors can make skin feel more sensitive, you can conquer the concrete jungle with confidence.


Pollution particles: Did you know skin exposed to pollution produces up to 1.5x more sebum compared to skin that's exposed to less pollution? Yep, things like exhaust fumes, smoke and dust can leave your skin feeling irritated, grimy, oily and sensitive when you live or work in the city. Throughout the day, pollution in the air can stick to your skin and absorb into your pores, meaning that over time, these particles can irritate and weaken the skin's delicate barrier. It’s not all doom and gloom though. There are ways to combat those particles, starting with cleansing.

That's right, twice a day will help rinse away impurities and dead skin cells too. Wondering how to choose the perfect cleanser? Try one (or a few) of these to wash away those pollution particles.

Hard water

Yep, we're sure you've heard of hard water—but how exactly does it affect your skin? Water that contains a larger than normal volume of minerals, like iron or magnesium, can disrupt your skin's moisture barrier. This build-up of minerals makes it more difficult for other substances, like surfactants or detergents, to dissolve in the water, leaving skin feeling dry and sensitive. While you can't change the water, you can try some tips and tricks (such as choosing a rinse-free cleanser like micellar water to limit how much hard water your skin comes into contact with.

City living

It's not just what we're putting on our skin, those late nights (and sleeping in your foundation too!) can all add to making skin feel sensitive. Our say? A balanced skincare routine is a good place to start to help get city skin in shape. It's not just about our skin though, making time to slow down and find a bit of calm in our (often hectic) day can also make a difference. Looking for more tips on how to start a routine to combat city skin issues? We've got you covered.

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