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Sweat, Exercise and Sensitive Skin

Whether you're a fitness fanatic who's always ready to HIT the gym, or you prefer a more leisurely approach to working out (swimming, yoga? Yes, please!) the benefits of a little exercise for your skin can be amazing. Just think: Increased blood flow to your skin not only nourishes skin cells by bringing fresh oxygen to them, but it also boosts your circulation and helps remove cellular waste products, and free radicals, too.


Now that's a win-win! The downside? Well, exercise is always good news, but extra sweat, more oils on your skin's surface, plus bacteria can cause sensitive skin to feel irritated. No need to stress over sweat, with a little know-how, it's easy to manage how it can affect your skin.  

Sweat it out

One of the main things a solid workout does to our bodies (and skin in particular!), is make us sweat. Its purpose is to cool us down when things hot up, and regulate our body temperature. But when left to linger, it can also clog pores, potentially leading to inflammation, breakouts and irritated skin. Gearing up for your next workout? Take note of our gym skincare routine for tips and tricks.

Keep skin clean before and after working out

The solution? Easy! Just make sure you gently cleanse your skin before your workout. And once your class is over, whip off that sweat with a trusty face wipe or a gentle cleanser to help stop impurities from sitting on your skin. A toner can also help remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may lurk on your face after washing.

Hydrate your skin when you exercise

Naturally, when we sweat we lose water, so it only makes sense to replenish what's been lost. And when you're dehydrated, skin can look sallow and dull. Try a hydrating moisturizer (after you cleanse!), and of course, keep a full bottle of H20 mat-side to sip between those lunges and stretches.

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