Smiling girl wearing a grey T-shirt standing in a room with an air conditioner on the wall behind her

Air Conditioning And Sensitive Skin

Air conditioning. Ah, such a relief to escape into an icy haven when it's hot and sticky outside. But even though it feels blissful, it can have an argh impact on your skin. Ever noticed how tight and dehydrated skin can feel after a full day in an air-conditioned office? Us too! No problem: there are ways to stop skin feeling sensitive when it's hot out.

How does air conditioning affect your skin?

In a nutshell, air conditioning pumps dry, cold air into a room to cool it down, reducing the humidity levels in the process. A good level of humidity indoors should be around 30–50% to keep sinuses feeling healthy, and your skin feeling plump, hydrated and happy. When humidity is low, your skin loses moisture to the air, leaving it feeling dehydrated, dull and generally lacking in radiance. Another thing to think about? If you sit with a fan or airflow directly on your skin, although it might feel great, it can also cause moisture to evaporate from your skin.

How to combat the effects of air conditioning

While you can't avoid moving between hot and cold air, you can make sure your skin is protected from the dehydrating effects. Our advice? Keep skin well moisturized from the get-go, and throw on a hydrating serum booster from time to time to pep up hydration levels. And often our lips can be the first to feel the effects, so a moisturizing balm is always good to have on hand.

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