Smiling woman in a bathroom applying cream to her cheek

Want To Know What Can Cause Sensitive Skin?

Yep, all kinds of things can make skin feel sensitive. From central heating to wind and even pollution, here we explore what sensitive skin is all about, and the different factors that can make your skin feel more sensitive.

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Stress and Sensitive Skin

Stress can sometimes have a negative impact on our skin. Who knew? Find out more about how stress can cause your skin to feel sensitive.

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Cold Weather and Sensitive Skin

Cold weather factors like low humidity, snow and windchill have a way of making our skin feel more sensitive.

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Harsh Ingredients and Sensitive Skin

Did you know artificial colors and even scented creams can make skin feel sensitive? Here's some guidelines on what to look for.

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Sun, Heat and Sensitive Skin

We've explored how hot weather, UV rays and (even) cooling air conditioning can make skin feel more sensitive.

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Sensitive Skin and Air Conditioning

Great for keeping us cool when the weather gets hot, but not-so-great for our skin. Discover why air conditioning can increase skin's sensitivity.

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Diet and Sensitive Skin

A balanced diet with lots of water is the right idea. But how does diet impact your skin? And can your diet make skin feel more sensitive?

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Skin and the City

We know that pollution can make skin feel sensitive. We explore how tiny particles can affect your skin, and how to minimize the impact of city living.

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Sweat, Exercise and Sensitive Skin

Sweat does a great job of cooling us down, yet it leaves skin feeling a bit sensitive when allowed to linger. Discover tips and tricks to help your skin.

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Make-Up and Sensitive Skin

Make-up can lead to breakouts, irritation, sensitive skin, and a dirty pillowcase! We explore why cleansing can help your skin steer clear of sensitivity.

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Pregnancy and Sensitive Skin

During pregnancy, our skin goes through a whole heap of changes. Sensitivity? It can be one of them.

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All Skin Can Be Sensitive Skin

Did you know that all skin can be sensitive skin? Yep! No matter your skin type. Learn more about it here.

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