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Your Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Dry skin happens. Yep, whether it’s from harsh cleansers or hormones, sometimes our natural lipid barrier is disrupted, which means moisture leaks out and skin can feel rough, flaky, and irritated. Our tips to helping dry skin? Stick to a gentle, balanced skincare routine with a product tailored to dry skin to replenish the barrier, so that water stays in place, and skin stays supple and moisturised. Here’s where to start:

Cleansing dry skin

YES TO: Cleansing with kindness

A micellar water is a great way to nourish dry skin and cleanse in one go. It’ll lift impurities and won’t dry out your skin like some foaming face washes can. Another tip? When rinsing, use lukewarm water - or better yet, cool water if you can handle it! And when you dry, pat, don’t rub, to avoid extra irritation. 

LESS TO: Using harsh cleansers

Harsh, soap-based cleansers can strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving skin feeling dry and tight. Picking products? Look out for ones that don’t have artificial perfumes, colours, or harsh chemicals, which can upset your skin (look for soap-free on the label!). Try to avoid too-hot showers too – they can rinse away good oils and can dehydrate skin.

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Its clever micelles are smart enough to attract and lift make-up and impurities plus it hydrates your skin - all without harming your skin’s barrier.

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Hydrating dry skin

YES TO: Boosting dry skin’s hydration levels

Dry skin has lost moisture. Makes sense to top it up, right? Replenish the levels in your skin by using products that specifically hydrate. Using a hydrating booster from Simple’s Water Boost range daily will keep water levels topped up nicely. Apply as a primer, mix it with your moisturiser, or dab directly onto dry patches dehydration is something this three-in-one hydration hero can handle! –

YES TO: Picking the best moisturiser for dry skin 

If your skin is dry, a good, balanced moisturiser is key to keeping your skin feeling supple. It’ll replenish that lipid barrier we talked about, and stop moisture escaping. 

LESS TO: Not drinking enough water

Keep your skin hydrated (from within!) by drinking plenty of water. Don’t like the taste? Spruce it up with a few chopped strawberries and mint leaves. Yum! 

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A three-in-one hydration hero, for skin that feels supple, hydrated, and dewy-fresh. 

Moisturise dry skin

Pick one that leaves skin feeling plump and nourished. The best ones don’t stop working mid-afternoon! Look for ingredients like Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Allantoin - they’re all good for helping dry skin. Top tip? Warm up your cream a little between your palms before massaging into skin. It smooths on a little easier, plus it feels lovely! 

LESS TO: A one-season-fits-all skincare routine

As the seasons change, your skincare routine does too. Everything from central heating to walking in cold wind can affect your skin. In winter, a rich, nourishing face cream for dry skin will help soothe, hydrate, and replenish dry skin. Apply liberally before bed, for skin that feels supple and smooth when you wake.

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Offers 12 hours of moisturisation, and is packed with replenishing ingredients for dry skin!

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Dry skin can be irritating (we know it!). But with the right products and tricks, it can be helped, simply.