Two smiling girls lying on an exercise mat

Your Gym Skincare Routine

You made it! Through the doors of the gym, where lunges, squats, and workouts await. Whether you’re a heavy HIITter or prefer a calming yoga class, you should try to make some time for your gym skincare routine, too. Not sure where to start? Here’s a routine (and some tips and tricks) to get your gym skincare sorted. 

Cleanse your skin first 

It seems obvious, but if you’re rushing straight into a class, whipping out the face wash is likely the last thing on your mind. But pollutants, make-up, and sebum build-up after your day, and when mixed with sweat, can clog pores and potentially irritate your skin. The solution? Sweep away the day fast, with a face wipe like Simple® Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes. A fresh pack in your gym bag means your skin is always workout ready. 

Hand picking a Simple facial wipe from a packet
“Heading to hot yoga? Keep a face cloth in your gym bag to use as a cold water compress if you’re prone to flushing, it’ll cool down skin in a flash.”

Cleanse your skin post-workout too

Yep, afterwards too. From sweaty towels to water bottles and gym equipment, we touch a multitude of things, and then our faces (eek!). A quick sweep (again!) with a face wipe after your workout, or a speedy face wash, will help keep your face (and hands) sweat and grime-free - plus it’ll stop those impurities sitting on your skin.

Keep calm with Chamomile

Chances are, skin may get a little red after a workout. It’s normal! Your skin (and body’s) circulation is likely increased, meaning there’s more blood flow to the surface of the skin. Off to a dinner date straight after bootcamp? Pick products with ingredients like Chamomile (Bisabolol), which is well known for its calming properties on skin.

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Moisturise, always

Skin feeling a little oilier? We hear you! After pedaling in a spin class, skin (and your hairline) can feel greasy. But don’t skip your moisturiser, as even oily skin needs moisture, especially to replenish hydration levels post-workout. Keep a lightweight moisturiser like Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser in your gym skincare kit to top-up once you’ve cleansed.

Simple Mini pouch alongside a purple yoga mat, headphones, pink weights

See? A few quick tips are all it takes to step-up your gym skincare routine. From wiping away the day’s mascara before you slide on your trainers to that last namaste - your freshly-cleansed skin will love you for it.