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Proud to be a globally certified PETA Cruelty-Free skincare brand

that is kind to skin, the planet and animals too!

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Biodegradable Wipes Range

Make-up removers and skin refreshers, our Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes are kind to skin and kinder to the planet! Discover our lovable cleaning wipes here.

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We believe in kindness to skin, our planet and people.

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  Simple has always been
kind to skin.

We believe clean beauty should be accessible to everyone and we are working at making all of our products more sustainable, more ethical, more natural and always free-from harsh chemicals.

It all started with no perfume nor colour, but it now goes much further than that! Harsh chemicals can upset your skin, or have a negative impact on the planet. So why use them?

We don’t think they’re needed, and instead commit to excluding them systematically! We only use ingredients that have passed our strict mildness criteria, so that our products are perfect for even the most sensitive skin

Simple cleansing wipes

Simple is making changes to be kinder to the planet

We’re not perfect, but we are working on reducing our environmental impact through changes we have made to our products and packaging. Simple has:

- Introduced Biodegradable Face Wipes that fully break down in household compost in 42 days (faster than an orange peel!)

- Reduced the amount plastic in our 150mL Facial Washes by 25% vs the previous tube

- Switched to 100% recycled plastic bottles* on our Facial Moisturisers, Eye Make-up Remover, Micellar Water and Soothing Toner (*excluding cap)

- Become PETA Approved, meaning we do not test our products on animals, anywhere in the world or contain animal-derived ingredients. Simple products are vegan.

- Launched Simple Booster Serums with at least 88% naturally-derived and 91% biodegradable ingredients across the range

 In November 2022, REDcycle announced the temporary pause of its soft plastics collection program in Australia. Simple Wipes packaging is impacted by this. Read more about what you can do with your packaging and how we are responding here.

Kind to animals

  Simple is kind to animals too!

Real kindness means caring about our non-human friends as much as we do about our skin. We think that to be truly kind you have to be kind to animals too. Simple does not test on animals anywhere in the world and we are certified cruelty-free by PETA. 

Most of our products are also vegan certified, look out for the logo on back of pack!

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 Spread Infectious Kindness!

We believe there is a lot of kindness in the world, we just don’t always see it or talk about it. 

We believe that a positive, kinder mindset can make a real impact. We want to dial up the kindness and spread it, as kindness is contagious. 

You can’t always control the world around you, what OTHERS do and say: 

But you can control YOUR behaviour, your beliefs, and how you impact others.

You have a choice. 

Choose Kindness, it’s contagious!

*Based on Nielsen Scan Track  (Total Great Britain) data for Facial Beauty Skincare, 52 weeks to 28th December 2019 (Copyright 2020, The Nielsen Company).