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5 Tips to City-Proof Your Skincare Routine

Ah the excitement of city living! From the bright lights and nightlife, to the not-so-great pollutants, your skin can be affected by your daily dash. Protect your skin against city living, with our top five tips for city-proofing your skincare routine.

1. Master your commute

City dweller? Chances are a bus, train, or bicycle is part of your daily routine. Cyclists? Try an anti-pollution mask. It helps protect you from smog and pollution, and it’ll stop cold air whipping onto your cheeks, which can cause moisture loss and dehydrated skin. Boarding a bus or train? Banish those germs by keeping a sanitiser on hand. And, it sounds simple, but wash your hands as soon as you arrive. We touch our face hundreds of times a day, meaning hands, phones, and faces (eek!), get all access to all the bacteria we meet on our commute.

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2. Correct make-up on-the-move

Applied your red lip a little wonky on the bus? Stash some gentle facial cleansing wipes in your bag to neaten up edges before you disembark. They’ll clean up wobbles, and because they include gentle, skin-loving ingredients, they won’t leave your lip line feeling parched.

3. Cleanse as soon as you get home

You’ve dropped your bag and slipped off your shoes, now, we say, dash to the bathroom and get cleansing. It’s our greatest tip for a city skincare routine as pollution and changing temperatures can cause serious skin irritation. The sooner you wipe away the grime, the less chance it has to clog pores and potentially irritate skin. It’s an ideal way to reset after a long day, plus it’s one less thing to think about before bed. Winning!

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4. Keep your skincare routine handy

City life can be tiring! Washing our face can be the last thing we feel like after a late night out. Keep an extra pack of Simple® Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes bedside for easy access. No need to rinse and, added bonus, you won’t risk a panda-eyed pillow case! A tube of gentle moisturiser on hand won’t go amiss for hydrating post-party skin.

5. De-stress with a sheet mask

City life, while exhilarating, can be exhausting too. Try to make time for some me-time to recharge – even for just 15 minutes. A sheet mask is a great way to really kick back after a long day. Look for ones with skin-loving vitamins like Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Agave to condition skin and counteract the drying effects of pollution, to really soothe city skin. They’re so quick and easy to use they make pre-bed pampering a breeze, even when you’ve missed the train and don’t get home ‘til late.

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From running for the bus to tacking central heating, city living has the potential to cause irritated skin. Luckily, with these tips, you can revamp your skincare routine to match your city lifestyle, and help your skin to glow as brightly as those city lights!

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