Woman wearing a sheet mask and spectacles

Up close and personal with skincare's latest obsession: sheet masks

Ok, hold it right there! Sheet masks are trending more than Snapchat’s flower crown filter, and it’s no surprise. No potential irritants, no mess, no brainer! You’re just 15 minutes of feel-good away from revealing your skin’s natural glow, so it’s time to get fresh on what a sheet mask is, and why we should use one.

“Your face is pretty unique, so don’t be afraid to trim your sheet mask for a more perfect fit.”


So, what is a sheet mask exactly?

It might seem like a new skincare craze, but believe us when we say this is no fad. The sheet mask has been part of Asian skincare routines for years, making it their best-kept beauty secret yet – until now, that is! A sheet mask is a face-shaped fabric, which is enriched with kind ingredients like Vitamin B5, botanicals such as Agave and oils such as Jojoba. The mask cleverly infuses the ingredients into the skin while you kick back for a few minutes of bliss, leaving skin feeling soothed, brightened, and renewed when you peel it away.

Flatlay of three Simple sheets masks on a white blanket with a pink hot water bottle, eye mask and mobile phone.

Why should we use a sheet mask?

When life on-the-go is all bright lights and late nights, you and your skin go through a lot. Enter: the sheet mask. It helps to reset your skin, leaving you feeling ready to take on tomorrow’s adventures afresh. Sheet masks can help hydrate, soothe, and de-stress tired, irritated skin, and can even help protect your skin from pollution too. When you’ve had your fix of fun, a sheet face mask whisks you away to your happy place for 15 minutes of me-time.

Woman practising a headstand wearing a sheet mask

 How to apply a sheet mask

The real question here is how will you wear yours because, aside from a few simple application tips, the fun thing about sheet masks is that anything goes.

Just press it gently onto clean, dry skin to help all that goodness sink in, and try to smooth it as evenly as possible so it can get on with doing its thing – while you get on with yours!

So, whether that’s getting your zen on in downward dog while de-stressing your skin, washing the city out of your skin at the end of a big weekend, or moisturising mid-flight to ready your skin for the arrivals hall (looking good girl!), the sheet mask is what you make it, so make it your own.

When your 15 minutes are up, massage the serum into your skin to make the most of all those skin-loving ingredients, or simply wipe away any remaining residue with a cotton pad to reveal your new-found glow!

“How will you wear yours?”

Ok, we’re all set on what a sheet mask is and some of the no-brainer reasons to use one. Now, show us your best sheet mask selfie face!

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