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3 Simple Steps to Your Most Hydrated, Supple Skin Ever

Every day, a gazillion things, from air pollution, weather, to temperature changes, stress, or even lack of sleep, threatens to remove water and dry our skin out. Thankfully, there’s Simple Water Boost™ that’s infused with PENTAVITIN® to help you lock water—the essence of life—within your skin.

PENTAVITIN® excels at hydrating skin by binding deep within its outer layers to form an invisible barrier that locks in water. This, is how Simple gives you that supple, dewy-fresh skin you deserve every day.

Now, let’s go right to our skincare tips!   

Pentavitin information in water bubbles

1. Make-up Removal

Yes, make-up helps us look good, but when it is sleep o’clock, all our skin wants is to be light and free—free of make-up and dirt. But wait, your mascara is waterproof, now what?

Fret not, because you’ve got our Water Boost™ Micellar Cleansing Water and Water Boost™ Hydrating Cleansing Wipes that not just removes stubborn make-up, dirt and impurities, but can replenish your skin’s hydration levels too!.


Micellar cleansing water

2. Facial Cleansing

This, is no doubt, an important step in a healthy skincare regimen. But some cleansers may contain harsh chemicals that could strip away natural oils and expose your skin to further drying elements. The trick, is to use a facial wash that’s gentle yet hydrating like Water Boost™ Micellar Gel Wash. The new generation face wash is infused with micelles and skin-essential minerals to cleanse effectively while nourishing and hydrating your skin!


Micellar facial gel washes on white towl

3. Moisturise

Moisturisers moisturise, we all know that. But Simple Water Boost™ goes beyond that. Our Water Boost™ Hydrating Gel Cream is made with a lightweight formula that’s easy for the skin to absorb and stay hydrated. Want a little more hydration oomph? Then try adding a drop or two of the Water Boost™ Hydrating Booster into our Creams or Moisturisers—and let them work its magic. 

But wait, how can I keep my skin well hydrated through the night? For that, we’ve got the Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream, a silky lightweight formula to replenish dull, tired skin, so you’ll look great next day, every day.

Simple Hydrating booster and gel cream

Bonus tip: Sheet Mask

For those who won’t mind a 15-minute luxury before you leave for work, or after work, then our Water Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask is your perfect pal! It’s refreshing to the touch while its skin-loving ingredients protect skin from free radicals and maintain hydration levels in skin through the day.

Water—the essence of life, remember?

And there you have it, our 3 Simple steps to your most hydrated, supple skin ever.

With Water Boost™, you can take on the world each day!