Kind to Skin Compostable Cleansing Wipes 25 Wipes

The wipes you know and love, made from soft, renewable plant fibers and sustainable wood pulp


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What's in 25 Wipes

Pro-Vitamin B5
Vitamin E
Triple Purified Water 

What's out 25 Wipes

No artificial fragrance
No color or dye
No drying alcohol
No parabens
No added phthalates
No harsh chemicals
No animal derived ingredients

The wipes you know and love are now compostable! Simple Skincare Compostable Cleansing Wipes help you lessen the impact you are making on the planet without having to make any sacrifices on quality or effectiveness. Like all of our gentle cleansing wipes, they will remove tough makeup like waterproof mascara – and are made without any fragrance, artificial color, harsh chemicals, drying alcohol, parabens or phthalates.

Our Compostable Cleansing Wipes offer the same thickness, softness, strength and stretchiness of other Simple wipes but with the bonus of being made of natural fibers. The wipe itself is made from soft, renewable plant fibers and sustainable wood pulp. When composted, it will biodegrade in just 42 days – faster and more complete than natural items such as oak leaves, pine needles and wood fibers. And, with each pack used, you are saving the equivalent of 4 plastic bags from the planet (versus Simple Kind to Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes. Based on 5g PET bags).

Step 1

Lift resealable sticker and remove one wipe

Step 2

With one side gently wipe over your eyelids and lips

Step 3

Use the other side on your cheeks, chin, forefront and neck

Step 4

If needed hold the wipe for a few seconds in areas where make up is more intense before wiping

Step 5

Stop your wipes drying out by remembering to reseal the pack

Step 6

Throw used wiped in the bin after use; do not flush down the toilet, the environment will be thankful for it.

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