Corn kernels and cross section of husk on gray background

PENTAVITIN® (Corn-derived Active)

During the day, your body continually works to maintain hydration levels, to keep your skin in its best condition. But things in our environment, like pollution and harsh weather, can cause your natural hydration cycle to get out of balance and skin can become dry and dehydrated. PENTAVITIN® works to restore this balance, doubling your skin's natural ability to recover hydration. It binds with water and draws hydration into the skin for longer, leaving thirsty skin feeling wonderfully quenched. Its molecular structure is smaller than Hyaluronic Acid and therefore penetrates deeper and binds to skin, so skin stays hydrated longer.

Good to know 

  •  Relieves and calms sensitive skin
  •  72 hours of hydration that doesn't wash away. Skin stays hydrated even after you shower
  •  Helps your skin boost its natural moisturizers

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** PENTAVITIN® is a Trademark of DSM.

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