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Meet PENTAVITIN®: Your Skin’s New BFF

We all love a skincare superhero, right? So when an exciting new discovery comes along, we can’t wait to give it a try. Meet PENTAVITIN® - aka hydration’s hot new thing. So, what is PENTAVITIN®? What’s the science behind the magic? And why should we seek it out in our skincare products? Time to find out.

So, what is PENTAVITIN® exactly?

PENTAVITIN® (otherwise known as Saccharide Isomerate) is a 100% naturally derived plant extract that’s bursting with hydrating properties, and gives improved skin protection against dehydration and sensitivity with every use. Its secret weapon? It binds deep within the outer layers of skin, meaning hydration continues long after application. And, unlike Hyaluronic Acid, it can’t be washed away.

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5 Skin-loving reasons to seek out PENTAVITIN® in your skincare

There’s a reason (or five!) why beauty editors are popping PENTAVITIN® onto their pages – as well as into their personal skincare routines. Here’s why you should join them.

  1. It boosts your skin’s natural moisturisers for supple, dewy-fresh skin
  2. Hydration is instant and lasts for up to 72 hours!
  3. It keeps skin strong by improving and maintaining the skin’s barrier, protecting it against the damaging effects of environmental factors like pollution, cold weather, and heat
  4. It can’t be washed away, meaning it keeps working even if you miss a day!
  5. It relieves itchy, flaky, sensitive skin, helping it to feel soft and smooth

How does PENTAVITIN® work?

Want to know a little more about the science behind the magic? Here’s how it works.

  • It mimics the natural hydration process, boosting the skin’s moisture retention capabilities
  • It’s a fraction of the size of most other hydrating ingredients, meaning it can penetrate deep into outer layers of skin
  • Its structure allows it to bind to the outer layers of skin, giving it instant and long-lasting hydration abilities
  • It can only be removed through the natural shedding of dead skin cells

Our top PENTAVITIN® go-to product picks

Ok, so you’re ready to give PENTAVITIN® a try? Here’s where you’ll find it.

Simple® Water Boost Hydrating Booster: instant, three-in-one hydration for thirsty skin, whenever, wherever, and however your skin needs it

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PENTAVITIN® is transforming our skincare products for the better. This have-to-have skincare hero hydrates, restores, and protects dehydrated skin, leaving your skin feeling the benefits long after you’ve left the bathroom.

PENTAVITIN® is a Trademark of DSM

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