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5 Tips to Boost Your Autumn Skincare Routine

Oh, autumn! Time for changing leaves, warmer clothes, and cooler days. As we know, the change in weather calls for skincare tweaks, and as soon as the temperature drops, our skin lets us know all about it. Skin tightness, dryness, and seasonal breakouts can really put a dampener on the changing season. No matter, here are some quick tips to help transition your skincare routine, to help repair summer skin and get it feeling peachy right from when the first leaf falls.

1. Switch to a more moisturising cleanser

As temperatures plummet, humidity levels do too, and our skin loses moisture to the dry air around us. Make the first move and outsmart moisture-loss by swapping your light cleanser for something a little more hydrating. A micellar cleansing water can help hydrate parched, sun-kissed skin, and support your skin’s barrier to help protect you from the damaging effects of the cold weather to come. A rinse-off cleanser, like Simple® Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash, will help wash away those dead skin cells, without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.

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2. Don’t freak out if you break out

Changes in weather (humidity levels and changes in temperature) can sometimes cause our skin to get upset.

If that odd spot is popping up, don’t panic! Try a mask that includes Clay and Seaweed Extract, which can help draw out impurities, calm spots, and exfoliate your skin, too.

We like to use Simple Pollution Protect Sheet Mask once a week to help keep skin feeling calm. Can’t decide which mask best suits your skin? Multi-masking might just be for you.

Tailor which mask you use to target specific skin concerns and you can rid oiliness from your T-zone, hydrate against the drying effects of UV rays, moisturise dry patches, and prevent breakouts all in one go!


3. Savvy up your travel skincare

Dashing off on an autumn holiday somewhere lovely? Take a moment to think about changing temperatures, colder climates, hard water, and how they’re going to impact your skin when you travel. City break? Don’t forget your SPF (yes, even though it’s autumn!). Travelling somewhere snowy? Dehydrated skin can increase when you’re in colder climates so pack more hydrating products. Limited luggage? Facial cleansing wipes are our go-to cleansing saviours, always.

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So, here you have it, our autumn skincare tips to help repair post-summer skin, and get skin feeling calm, hydrated and ready for whatever winter has in store!

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