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How to Remove Your Party Make-Up

You’re home, it’s late, and you had a blast. Time to start your skincare routine, right? Ah! But bed is so inviting! No need to feel torn between cleansed skin and comfy covers - our best make-up remover solutions will get your skin clean, feeling fresh, and your make-up removed (properly), in a flash.

Do prep your skin first

Prepping your skin before you even start that smoky eye is the way to go, we say. First up, a moisturiser will mean skin appears plump and healthy-looking from the get-go, and it’ll be a smooth canvas for your make-up. Dry or dehydrated spots? Skin will sap up your foundation and likely look a little patchy. 

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Reach for the oil when waterproof mascara won’t budge

Waterproof mascara: great for going the distance, not so easy to get off, even with the best make-up remover! And when it’s late, it’s tempting to get scrubbing and rubbing to try and speed up the process. Our tip? Reach for the oil. Yep, you read that right! If your mascara is waterproof, it means (happy) tears and getting caught in the rain won’t budge your look. But oil will! This means an oil-based cleanser or dual phase make-up remover like Simple Kind To Skin Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover will do the trick to dissolve stubborn waterproof mascara.

“Mascara dots on your eyelids, even with waterproof mascara? Oily eyelids are usually to blame. Try a primer on lids to set your look, and say goodbye to mascara melt-down.”
Woman in bed covering her eyes with her fingertips

And so it’s time to say goodnight (or good morning!). Freshly-cleansed skin shouldn’t be a mission with the best make-up removers, tips, and tricks. Your eyes, skin (and your pillowcase!) will thank you for it.

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