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Our Ingredients

We only use the kindest actives, replicating those already present in healthy skin. Our skin is alive, always looking for balance and the best way to keep it feeling healthy is to seek out ingredients that respect your skin’s natural ecosystem. We also use the kindest possible preservatives (no one wants their favourite product becoming a hotbed for bacteria!).

Related ingredients

Citrus Oil

As well as a fresh, zesty scent, these oils have antimicrobial properties, helping to cleanse and purify, as they stimulate, rejuvenate, and refresh.

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Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 or Panthenol is serious skin soother and is deeply hydrating.

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Vitamin E

Well known to smooth and soften the skin, Vitamin E is also a free-radical fighting antioxidant skin loves.

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Aloe Vera

This vitamin-rich skin saviour has been a natural remedy for over 4,000 years. No wonder. It calms and soothes while moisturising and conditioning.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to improve skin's texture, is a powerful antioxidant and helps your skin to produce collagen.

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A Palmitate helps to boost skin's cell turnover and helps to regenerate collagen and elastin. It can make skin more sensitive to the sun, too!

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Shea Butter

Shea Butter is an excellent moisturiser to help soften, protect and nourish your skin

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Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 or Niacinamide helps brighten skin and promote even skintone. It also helps keep skin hydrated and is vital for our skin's repair process.

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Triple Purified Water

Triple Purified water is exactly that, filtered three times to be as pure as possible in our skincare products.

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