Wake Up Glowing with an #AboutFace this January

Makeup can help us look our best, but sleeping with it on can have the opposite effect. While you may not have removed makeup after every holiday soirée, make January #AboutFace by turning things around and being kind to skin.


Properly Prep Skin for Bed: Use Simple® Skincare Eye Makeup Remover to quickly and easily remove eye makeup -- even stubborn waterproof mascara. Keep a pack of Simple® Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes in a bedside table and use them to wipe away the day’s dirt, oil and makeup. Finally, apply Simple® Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer to hydrate skin and help it feel smooth and soft.


Celebrity Makeup Artist Gita Bass says, “By sleeping in makeup, you rob it of the chance to recover from aggressors which can cause irritation, acne and premature aging. Try to get in the habit of taking makeup off when you get home from work to give your skin time to breathe.”


What will be your #AboutFace routine? Use the hashtag #AboutFace and tweet us at @SimpleSkincare to let us know.


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