Meet the Simple Advisory Board

The Simple Advisory Board are here to help you take care of your skin from the inside out offering advice on skin health, diet, fitness and wellness.

  • Simple Advisory Board Dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman


    Dr. Debra Luftman our Skincare expert

    Dr. Debra Luftman is the Simple Advisory Board dermatologist and is dedicated to helping people achieve naturally healthy looking skin.

  • Simple Advisory Board psyhiatrist Dr. Josie Howard


    Dr. Josie Howard our Psychiatrist

    Dr. Howard specializes in psychodermatology, an area of medicine that focuses on the relationship between stress, emotional wellbeing, and skin health.

  • Simple Advisory Board make-up artist Gita Bass


    Gita Bass our Beauty expert

    Simple Advisory Board make-up artist, Gita Bass understands that taking care of your face, even when you're wearing make-up, is an essential part of achieving naturally healthy looking skin.

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